Pool League

MP's Unicorn Bar Lounge Pool League


MP's Unicorn Bar Lounge has on bar sized table located in the middle of the room. There is more than enough room to play in and no worries about billiards pool shooting space. With a long history of being in business MP's has some of the greatest pool players in Southern California and the Inland Empire.


Currently the MP's Unicorn Bar Lounge is a part of the Inland Empire Pool League

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MP's Unicorn Cocktail Bar & Lounge also has a great pool table inside the bar, and has days where it is free to play. Most of the League players come in on Wednesday to provide support for the local player as well as practice for the next league game ahead. MP's Pool table is a regular coin-op sized for amateur leagues but the difference between this table and other bar tables is it has been taken care of and is re-conditioned every few months. The felt is completely even and tight on the table so there are no wrinkles in the felt, also there is no wearing or tearing on the felt because it get re felted every time it get a tune up. The pockets are medium sized and the slate is completely level for high competition play.

Come try out this fantastic pool playing table and see the difference from other pool halls and bars.