Dart League

MP's Dart League and Tournaments


MP's Unicorn Cocktail Bar comes complete with 2 electronic dart boards and house darts. Each one of these dartboards has hundreds of different games including the 301 games, Cricket, Golf, and even random fun games.

If you want to practice your league game or join one of our leagues then MP's is a great place to start the whole bar family is happy to play with any new player, or join a game that needs to be filled. Also if you have never played darts before each bartender can help you right away, since all of our bartenders play darts with its patrons during slow business hours.

MP's Unicorn Sports teams have been cream of the crop when it comes to the bar Olympics developing the best league pool players and dart players around the Inland Empire. The MP's teams are more a a family then a competitive team, each player has learned something more from team mates and even to local bar talent pool. Come join the MP's pool and dart teams now and develop into a true player.