Bartenders & Managers

MP's Unicorn Bar Lounge Staff


MP's Unicorn Bar Lounge is a family run business and has been run this way for over 50 years. The owners Kenny and Debbie purchased the bar as is and for exception of regular technology updates and re-conditioning the bar look and feel the lounge has the same motif since 50 years prior.

All of the bartenders have been specifically trained to be the best customer servers in the San Bernardino, Highland area in the state of California. Each one brings years of experience handling alcoholic beverages and have been known to give the best drink to its patrons. They are not just employees, they are family.

The managers serve as the owners "right hand" in making sure that the bar is fully stocked with countless alcoholic drinks and willing to get the proper beverage for each customer wishes. Managers are not only management but also serve as bartenders and helpers to the establishment.