Beverage Service

MP's Unicorn Bar Lounge Beverage Service


The top of the line Lounge located in the Southern California, San Bernardino, and Highland area. Extremely friendly bar hosts that wish to serve all of your drink needs. Every day you can enjoy top quality drinks at great prices, and happy hour specials that can not be beat.

MP's Open hours are from 7am until 12:00am Monday through Thursday and on Friday to Saturday open from 7:00am until 2:00am. For the past 20 years MP's has never been closed, and is open 365 days out of the year and for customers who have no place to go on the Holidays MP's always prepare great Holiday Food and Dinners.

MP's offers 2 high end electronic dart boards with house darts for the casual dart shooter and a league size quality pool table that is maintained through out the year. Plus 2 Electronic gaming systems at each end of the bar with great games such as Tai-Play, Monster Madness, and even Poker. And to add more entertainment a completely stocked Coin-Op's Juke box where you can download all of the new and old songs in the music industry market today.

Check out our specialty night on our Calendar for free Billiards Pool nights, Karaoke, Birthday baby days, league events, Be your own DJ, and Specialty Holidays.